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Let Lombardo’s help you entertain! Whether it’s a business meeting, office party, family get-together, or sporting event, we can satisfy groups up to 200 people. Our award-winning menu items include a wide variety of options that are sure to satisfy varying dietary needs such as vegetarian. Award-winning, wood oven pizza, and fresh-made pastas are served family style. Trays of homemade lasagna, light and crispy calamari, and fresh salads are just a few favorites. Order a day or more in advance and we will do all the work. Let Lombardo’s help you prepare for all types of guests and events.

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Catering orders need 48 hours notice

Catering Form

MM slash DD slash YYYY


Verde $40 (serves 8-10)
MISTA* $42 (serves 8-10)
CAESAR $45 (serves 8-10)
CAPRESE $50 (serves 8-10)
CHEF $50 (serves 8-10)
MEDITERRANEAN $55 (serves 8-10)
TUSCAN $55 (serves 8-10)
CALAMARI $70 (serves 8-10)
POTATO SKIN $80 (serves 8-10)
WINGS $155 (serves 8-10) HOT, HONEY GARLIC, BBQ sauce, Teriyaki sauce
Gamberoni alla Crema $150 (serves 8-10)
Scallops and Mushroom $120 (serves 8-10)

Choose pasta and sauce to your liking

Pastas $75 (serves 8-10 people)







Stuffed Pastas (have it baked for +12)

Tortellini (beef)

Sacchetti (cheese)


Panna – Cream sauce

Cardinale – Cream and meat sauce

Cacciatora – Mushroom and tomato sauce

Creamy Pesto – Pesto made in-house from basil

Pasticciati – Cream and meat sauce

Pomodoro – Light tomato sauce

Ragu – Light meat sauce

Alfredo – Cream and ham sauce

add to your pasta

+Sauteed Prawns (1 pound) $22

+Chopped Chicken $20

All trays (serve 8-10 people)
Fusilli Alla Nonna $75 (olive oil, garlic, spices, and a touch of tomato garnished with quark cheese)
Shells Toscana $75 (creamy pesto sauce, sun-dried tomatoes, and artichokes)
Spaghetti Pollo Piccante $75 (spicy tomato sauce with capers, black olives, and chopped oven-roasted chicken)
– Spaghetti Aglio Olio $75 (olive oil, garlic, spices, and a touch of tomato)
– Spaghetti Puttanesca $75 (spicy tomato sauce with capers and black olives)
– Spaghetti Alla Marinara $80 (tomato sauce, white wine, garlic, capers, and anchovies)
– Linguine Vongole $80 (baby clams in white wine sauce and a touch of tomato)
– Penne with Prawns Scallops & Mushrooms $80 (white wine, garlic sauce with a touch of cream)
– Linguine with Wild BC smoked Salmon and capers $80
(Tomato sauce or Cream sauce)
– Linguine Pesce $85 (daily seafood in white wine sauce with a touch of tomato)

add to your pasta

+Sauteed Prawns (1 pound) $22

+Chopped Chicken $20

All trays serve (8-10 people)

Requires 48 hours notice

Lasagna $85

Cannelloni $90

(Beef or Chicken)

(All trays serve 8-10 people)

Chicken or Beef $265

Served with rice, rosemary potato, and 20 Skewers marinated and grilled with special herbs and spices.

Prawn $320

Served with rice, rosemary potato and 20 Skewers marinated in lemon and garlic and grilled. $320

Rice $75

Made with a mix of thinly cut carrots celery and dill.

Rosemary potato $75

Baked and seasoned with rosemary, lemon juice, and spices.

Chicken or Beef (skewer only) $190

20 skewers marinated and grilled with special herbs and spices.

Prawn (skewer only) $240

20 Skewers marinated in lemon and garlic and grilled.


(1/2 baked or fully cooked)

medium – $19.00 [ 6 slices, 12″]  large – $32.00 [ 8 slices, 16″]

Our famous, wood-fired pizzas are now available partially baked and designed for you to finish at home.

Instructions: Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Place pizza on tray; do not leave in the box. Cook for 5-7 minutes or to your liking. Enjoy!

Aranciata rossa $3

Aranciata $3
Cola $2
DIET COla $2


TIRAMISU  Per Person $7 6oz

Rustic Bruschetta Salad 6oz $5

Olive Tapenade 6oz $5

Extra Sauce on Side 6oz $6

Focaccia by piece $1.25

Parmesan/Chili Flakes $1.00

Roasted Chicken (two whole chickens) $65

BBQ Grilled Chicken (two whole chickens) $75